Johnny Cupcakes


Johnny Cupcakes is a brand founded by Johnny Earle in 2001 (U.S.). He is a designer and he doesn’t sell cupcakes; he creates and sells t-shirts with cupcakes on them and everything at JC is limited edition. Johnny Cupcakes is not a bakery; it is a t-shirt bakery.

All of Johnny’s shops are outfitted with antique bakery equipment and the shops smell of vanilla!  Also, almost all of his products are made in the U.S.  The Hello Kitty collaboration started in 2010 with a limited edition product: when JC released its very first Hello Kitty collaboration products, they were all sold out. JC released other limited edition collections with Hello Kitty. In 2011, the limited edition t-shirts were even packaged in special bakery boxes. Sometimes customers camp out for days to get their hands on the special edition products. And once they are gone, they will be gone forever!

In 2012 JOHNNY CUPCAKES AND HELLO KITTY® RELEASED THE THIRD ANNUAL HALLOWEEN COLLECTION. (Skeleton Kitty, Hello Mummy, Wicked Kitty, Count Kitty) “We’re excited to team up with Hello Kitty and have the chance to put a Johnny Cupcakes twist on this celebrated icon just in time for Halloween,” said Johnny “Cupcakes”

The JC goodies were available only on the Johnny Cupcakes website and at the Johnny Cupcakes T-shirt bakery locations.

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