Yuko Yamaguchi, a designer of Hello Kitty, has always liked Barcelona a lot. She often visited during the eighties and on one of her trips, found Cobi, the Olympic mascot of 92. This character, its development, its context, its friends and its complexity really shocked her.
On one of Mariscal’s trips to Japan, Yuko Yamaguchi invited him to visit the Hello Kitty Museum and Sanrio Company. Mariscal was very impressed by this character because despite not having any kind of history or context it was very expressive, so simple and yet so communicative, an icon that stands the test of time.

In 2012, Sanrio commissioned Estudio Mariscal to create some interpretations of Hello Kitty based on the artistic vision of Mariscal. The aim was to reach a female audience aged 30 to 40 that had shared its childhood with this character. They wanted to provide an opportunity to enjoy it again with an artistic twist.

The commission had a second part, the year 2014 calendar. To illustrate the calendar, Mariscal took as a reference the Japanese youth who care about their image and exhibit their fashion trendsetter walk and attitude through the streets of Japanese cities.

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