For her 40th anniversary, Apple Beats by Dre debuts Special Edition Hello Kitty Headphones. This special edition was launched on the occasion of the Hello Kitty Con 2014 in Los Angeles and the brand is teaming up with Sanrio to offer two special edition Hello Kitty-themed products to commemorate Hello Kitty’s 40th anniversary.... read more


Zatchels is a British brand designed, developed and created by Dean and Brian, the owners of a small production laboratory located in the center of Leicester. From their long experience in footwear and leather goods, they developed the innovative Zatchels, made from the finest quality leather available on the market.... read more


Super by retrosuperfuture ignited the phenomenon of acetate sunglasses in 2007 starting with a complete range of colorful fashion sunglasses, handmade in Italy to the highest standards. Since their introduction, artists, celebrities, athletes and trendsetters have been wearing SUPER sunglasses.... read more


Yuko Yamaguchi, a designer of Hello Kitty, has always liked Barcelona a lot. She often visited during the eighties and on one of her trips, found Cobi, the Olympic mascot of 92. This character, its development, its context, its friends and its complexity really shocked her.... read more

Native Union

Hello kitty POP phone: a Native Union collaboration. Native Union was founded in 2009 to provide solutions to the challenges of the digital age, with one goal: to make communication easier, fun and stylish. ... read more


Hello Kitty and Maison Ladurée are a perfect match: they’re both unabashedly feminine and they both exist in the fashion sphere without actually making clothes. The two brands have come together for a series of limited-edition confections on sale at Ladurée’s Madison Avenue boutique. ... read more


Pioneer and leading international fashion, denim & casual brand, Diesel is always ready to anticipate fashion trends – without giving up its DNA.... read more

Johnny Cupcakes

Johnny Cupcakes is a brand founded by Johnny Earle in 2001 (U.S.). He is a designer and he doesn’t sell cupcakes; he creates and sells t-shirts with cupcakes on them and everything at JC is limited edition. Johnny Cupcakes is not a bakery; it is a t-shirt bakery.... read more

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga was photographed by leading celebrity and fashion photographers Markus Klinko and Indrani in celebration of Hello Kitty’s thirty-fifth anniversary.... read more
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